Billbuddy Reviews: Not Just Energy

Donak, co-founder of the energy switching expert, is an experienced content writer as well as an internet marketing expert. Ofgem research shows that shopping around for energy deals can help you save big. Auto-switching is a great option if you don’t like regular energy comparison but still want to save money. Billbuddy Reviews, a new type of energy auto-switching that promises to help you save up to PS461 per year, is Bill Buddy.

Billbuddy was founded in 2019, and the achievements they have made in just two years are remarkable.

They have proven to be more customer-friendly than well-known energy auto-switching companies like look after my bills and switched.

What is Auto-Switching?

The UK’s energy market is extremely competitive. You must choose the right supplier to take advantage of this highly competitive market. You will end up paying more if you choose the most expensive supplier of energy than the one that is the cheapest.

You can get the lowest price on energy by switching your supplier regularly. You can also use an auto-switching provider if you feel this is too complicated.

Signing up for an energy auto-switching site like bill buddy will allow them to continuously search the market for better prices and then switch your supplier if they find one. The auto-switching website will notify you when they begin the switching process.

Billbuddy Review – Switching process

The billbuddy switching process can be done quickly. The process takes only a few minutes. You have complete control over which energy provider to switch to, unlike other energy auto-switching sites.

You first need to visit to enter some details about your house and current electricity and gas usage. Get an instant quote and choose the supplier that interests you. After you have made the initial energy switch, Billbuddy will continue to scan the market for better deals and notify you when they are available. There will be no obligation for you to switch and you will retain full control. You can also be certain that you won’t be switched to an inferior energy supplier without your consent.

You can rest assured that your energy costs will be reasonable as long as you are with billbuddy.

How do I cancel my Billbuddy Contract?

Bullbuddy can be unsubscribed at any time. There are no hidden fees and there are no contracts. Keep in mind, however, that your energy contract does not terminate if you cancel the Billbuddy Reviews services.

Is Billbuddy legit

Billbuddy’s trust score in scam advisor is 100%. They have all the positive points without any negative ones.

  • Customers review Billbuddy
  • Trustpilot Billbuddy Reviews

Trustpilot has awarded Billbuddy 4.8/5 stars from 1180 reviews. A remarkable 96% of customers rated Billbuddy Reviews excellent or great. Only 4% rated them poor or average. Customers who rated them highly have praised their customer support and timely notification of energy deals.

There were many complaints from customers who rated them worse than others about the switching process.

Review of Billbuddy on

  • Bilbuddy’s rating of 4.89/5 stars is based on 722 reviews.
  • Billbuddy fees

Bill buddy, like many other energy comparison websites is free. Billbuddy will require you to provide bank details in order for you to set up direct debits with energy companies. However, Billbudy will not charge you.

Billbuddy also offers other services

Billbuddy is more than an energy switching website. They are your personal savings assistant, helping you to save money on broadband, mobile phones and insurance. After you have registered with Billbuddy, you can log in to your account tab to manage these utilities.

Billbuddy Reviews vs. Quoteall Reviews

The commissions that energy comparison websites receive from energy suppliers to send them new customers, either directly or indirectly, make them money. There are not all comparison websites that have commercial relationships with every energy company. This means that you may miss out on cheaper deals from other suppliers if you stick with Billbuddy.

Quoteall compares energy prices from the top energy comparison websites so that you can find the best deal, rather than just going to one comparison site. They do this frequently and will let you know if there are better deals. You can rest assured that you will always get the lowest price on gas or electricity.

Billbuddy Reviews vs. Look after my Bill

The Trademark for energy auto-switching is “Look after my bills”. After it was featured on BBC Dragon Den, it became very popular. If you save more than 50 Pounds, you can sign up for them to monitor the market and switch your supplier. They won’t ask for permission to initiate the switch like Billbuddy Reviews. However, you can change your mind within 21 days. If there is no exit fee, Look after my Bill will not switch.