Origin Broadband Reviews: Is it good?

Origin’s best feature is its low price. Origin Broadband Reviews is one of the most affordable broadband providers, with very low costs. It’s comparable in price to TalkTalk and Vodafone and is also cheaper than most other suppliers. We are impressed overall.

Origin has no setup fees, which is great if you have a tight budget. It also makes Origin one of the most affordable packages on the market.

Supersaver is another option. You can choose the Supersaver option to pay upfront for your whole broadband and calls package, which will give you a 30% discount. Although it’s expensive to pay upfront, you will save more over time and not have to worry about monthly costs.

Keep in mind, however, that broadband prices are subject to change, particularly if you have special offers. To find the best deal, compare broadband prices for your postcode.

Review of Origin Broadband Reviews broadband

  • Speed

Origin makes it easy with three speeds of average download speed: Standard ADSL broadband – 11Mb; Fibre optic broadband – 35Mb; or Fiber – 67Mb.

These speeds are comparable to what you get from Openreach-based providers such as Sky, TalkTalk and EE. You will get the basic service, and your actual line speeds, with all of them. Origin customers are happy to hear that this means they will pay less for their service and won’t have to sacrifice any of the benefits.

Origin is not the best choice if speed is your priority. Virgin Media broadband offers speeds exceeding 300Mb.

  • Traffic management and downloads

Origin Broadband packages include unlimited downloads. We like that – they are free of restrictions and fair usage caps.Provider doesn’t practice traffic shaping or web traffic management on its network, so you are not artificially slowed down.Origin Broadband Reviews allows you to use your computer unlimitedly. That’s what we love.

Router Origin Broadband Reviews

Origin includes a free router: the Asus N16. Unfortunately, there have been many corners cut in this area. Although the N16 router is an excellent router, it can be difficult to use and set up. It can also get you all your gadgets online. But it is far from the best. It’s fine for slower ADSL broadband, but you may not get the best download speeds if you choose fibre.

You have the option of upgrading it to the Asus DSL AC56 or DSL AC68. This is a huge one-off cost. It can be a little sneaky.

The routers that come with fibre broadband from BT and Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet or EE are superior. These routers feature the most recent Wi-Fi standards, smart scanning and apps that allow you to remotely control your hardware.

Origin Home Phone Review

All Origin Broadband includes line rental, so you have plenty of options for calling plans. You can get:

  • Pay as you go calls – the standard line rental included with all packages
  • Evening and weekend phone calls
  • All times calls
  • All-day calls and 500 minutes to 36 destinations worldwide

This is a good selection Origin Broadband Reviews of options similar to what you get with BT. The cost of adding one of the premium call plans is comparable to the rest of market.

You can add calling features such Origin Broadband Reviews as call diversion and anonymous call rejection to your package. There are many options, but these can be quite costly to add on.

It is also annoying that international calls can be made at a lower cost

  • Additional perks and benefits
  • PS25 Refer a friend and get a PS25 bill credit

This is all the provider offers in terms of perks and extras for your broadband. It prefers to keep your bills low by offering simple packages.