The benefits of “Cricket Box” nets

You don’t have to be a professional cricketer to use the equipment. Netting not only saves you time hunting down a lost ball, or even losing Cricket Box them altogether, but also makes it safer to practice when the British weather is threatening.

Imagine this: You’ve been counting down to the weekend and it’s sunny when you wake up. Then, the rain starts to fall and you have to go out. Your club may have a protected practice area with PVC netting. This is a great way to train, no matter if you are a bowler, a batter or an all-rounder. Another common situation Cricket Box is that you haven’t practiced in a while, and it’s affecting your game on the pitch and your fitness levels. Your team mates may not be available to practice with you for the extra hours to catch up. You can practice your swing alone without the need to go around the entire field trying to get your ball back.

Netted facilities are a favorite among our customers, and will continue to be a staple in any practising facility. The netting is weatherproof and can withstand the pressure of cricket balls. Stuart Canvas is known for its high-quality products and installations. We can also tailor our bespoke products to your specific needs. We offer everything, from non-turf practice facilities to catching nets. If you require a quote, contact our team now: [email protected].

All The Rules 

General rules

  • A team can have 6-8 players and one substitute. Amateur cricket is different from conventional cricket in that it can be difficult to find a complete playing XI for both teams.
  • Mixed-gender matches should have only 6 and 2 players per team.
    • Each match will consist of 3-12 overs
  • Each bowler can only bowl 1/4 of the match overcount (1 for 3 matches and 3 for 12).

Rules for batting of Cricket Box

  • Only runs scored by batsmen are valid if they bat with at least one leg within the batting crease before delivery of the ball.
  • The 8-run field board can be hit by the batsmen to score 8 runs.
  • The ball that hits the roof directly becomes dead instantly. There will be no runs and no dismissal. The ball will not again be bowled

Bowling rules of Cricket Box

  • It is mandatory to bowl underarm depending on whether there are female players in the team.
  • It is important that the ball be pitched above the no-ball line. Otherwise, it will be called “no-ball”.
  • The bowler must keep the ball in the box, i.e., within the bowling crease.
  • Any deviation from these rules will result in “No Ball”