How Social Media “Troll Cricket” Treatment 

Prithvi Sharma is Cruel Troll Cricket

The days of throwing stones and burning effigies at cricketers’ homes are long gone. Indian fans have mastered a new form and method of harassment. It’s now called Troll Cricket. This is a relentless humiliation on social networks, scapegoating, and shredding player’s confidence to the point that even team management may be forced to believe that it’s better for them to give the youngster some time off the field.

Prithvi Shaw, 21 years old, has a record Troll Cricket of a good start to a Test career. This would make him an assured selection in an India XI of any other era. It should not be a reason for ridicule, even in these times of batting success.

It is absurd to believe that Shaw, who was leading India’s U-19 team to a World Cup title at New Zealand in 2010, was subject to something like adoration in India.

The World Cup victory was preceded by a flurry first-class milestones. He won a century in his Ranji Trophy debut in a semi-final and another hundred in his Duleep Trophy debut. This made him the youngest player to reach three digits in their competition’s first match, surpassing Sachin Tendulkar.

Shaw managed to surpass the 50-run mark twice in two Tests on what turned out to be his first overseas tour. Mayank Agarwal, Hanuma Vihari, and Troll Cricket Cheteshwar Pujara were the others. He was five runs short of becoming India’s top run-scorer in the series due to his starts in his three other knocks.

Shaw didn’t know that India’s next Test series would be in Australia. He would begin as the incumbent opener. This would lead to a torrent of abuse, exposing the worst aspects of Indian cricket fandom. Troll Cricket began long before the series started. Shaw’s poor IPL performance was used as the sole criteria for selecting Test players.

The first Test was even worse as Shaw scored 0 and 4, but India was bundled out for 36 in the second innings. Shaw wasn’t the only one to be blamed.

An easy look at the Twitter trends Troll Cricket in India after a loss reveals the reactive approach of many cricket fans in the country. Although social media has allowed fans of all types to connect, it has also revealed how many of them are partisan.

They are quick to overlook the negative side of any issue and feel entitled to the playing XI. If their favorite player is late, they will try to get the one who was there to take his place. Any nuance is lost quickly; it is not a good idea Troll Cricket to praise both candidates or express sympathy for marginal calls.