Island Cricket: Is a great way to explore 

The game of island cricket in Sri Lanka 

Its journalism is a huge source of information and has grown to be the most popular website for Sri Lankan island cricket. You can find something for everyone by taking a dart around the site.

It’s controversial: Are Sri Lankan Tamil cricketers being discriminated against? To whimsical (a Sri Lankan could invent a cricket bail to illuminate the game) to lighthearted (a poll asking who the most handsome cricketer is in the Sri Lankan team).

It’s clear that Island Cricket has a huge following. This is not just on social media. He says he was envious of 262,475 Facebook likes and it was worth hearing from another website about the growth.

We’ll now turn our attention to England’s tour in Sri Lanka. They’ll be at the hotel as you read this, unless you find this article via Google 2045.

Alastair Cook looked refreshed and refreshed as he struck the bullish notes before departing to one of the most beautiful places in the world to watch or play cricket.

  • The record of England in Sri Lanka is questionable. It’s actually unquestionable.
  • We know for a fact exactly how many times England has won in Sri Lanka.
  • England’s pre-World Cup preparations were either clever or ingenious.
  • After learning a lot of lessons from the scorching sun of Sri Lanka, they might be dejected when they head to Australia in the New Year.
  • They give their best, are fit and healthy, and if they’re lucky, can even dominate spin.
  • England must find out who, among the sixteen players in Sri Lanka’s seven-match ODI tour, is standing their ground.

We want the England ODI team to win handsomely, but it is just as important to see how they approach limited-overs cricket, and show that they can be less English. Now that you have a Cricket Yorkshire perspective, it’s time to give over to Island Cricket

Hilal Suhaib is the Editor of the website. We spoke to him about the history and development of the site, as well as the challenges facing Sri Lanka following the terrible tour to India that the West Indies had.

Who are the people involved in it? 

Island Cricket is entirely run by volunteers. Island Cricket is run entirely by volunteers. We rely on user-generated material, just like Wikipedia. Our staff is made entirely of cricket fans, who have progressed from being regular users to becoming trusted members who know how the site works.

Linking to news articles on other websites drives significant traffic, so even people who initially considered us a competition now realise island cricket that we are a significant source of traffic.