The “Cricket Commercial” World Cup is a champion

In the same way that rugby and football are associated with big brands and marketing campaigns, cricket isn’t as well-known for its ability to market Cricket Commercial itself. The sport’s rapid commercialization is changing this, as evidenced by the 2019 International Cricket Council Women’s Cricket World Cup.

Experience immersive TV with Cricket Commercial Audiences

Linear TV is APAC’s most popular source of entertainment and hosts the majority of the sports viewing. Live television allows viewers to enjoy major sporting events on the big screen. They can share the experience with their friends and family by immersing themselves in it.

Live broadcasts of the Cricket Commercial World Cup are being made to more than 200 countries via 25 partners, including Star Sports and Ten Sports as well as Digicel, Yupp TV, Fox Network Group, Digicel, and Fox Network Group. Sky Sports, the host-nation broadcaster, has dedicated an entire channel for the competition. Many others are creating additional content in addition to the actual matches. World Cup fixtures draw huge TV audiences, especially when they feature the biggest hitters. The recent match between India & Pakistan attracted more than 500 million viewers worldwide.

Premium Cricket Video Streaming puts the viewers in control

Premium video streaming is a popular option for fans of cricket to follow the tournament. It can be accessed on both connected TVs and mobile devices. Premium video allows viewers to interact with the World Cup in their Cricket Commercial own way, whether they stream matches live or catch up on highlights videos after the event.

A variety of digital partners have been granted permission to share video and clips from the event. These include ESPNcricinfo and Cricingif and Bongo. Around 300 million people in India and the Indian Subcontinent can access multi-language coverage via Star Sports Hotstar digital streaming service. It is estimated that 25% of Star Sport tournament viewers will be accessed through this platform. The total viewers of the India-Pakistan match may exceed 1 billion if digital video viewers are added.

Interest is driven by smartphones and social media

Interest in the Cricket Commercial World Cup this year is not only driven by video streaming and broadcast TV, but also social media platforms that are accessed primarily via smartphones. Smartphones have overtaken feature phones and are the most popular mobile device. This is because they are more commonly used by younger generations, who are the most likely to switch from traditional TV to other platforms and devices.