What Heirloom “Black Beauty Tomato” have the best flavour?

Two characteristics are the key to the popularity of heirloom Black Beauty Tomato : their amazing array of colours and unique flavour profiles. However, the sheer variety of heirloom varieties can overwhelm.

There are some generalisations you can make about the relationship between flavour, colour and heirloom tomatoes in particular.

A taste test review noted that the black beauty tomatoes have a classic or old-fashioned flavour. This refers to the balance of acidity and sugar in the tomato.

Texture (or “mouthfeel”) is an important aspect of black beauty tomato flavours. If a tomato’s texture is too gummy, it can detract from its flavour.

These flavor profiles are based on heirloom beauty tomatoes and are only generalisations. Pale yellow tomatoes, for example, tend to be milder and lower-acid. Limmony is a yellow tomato with a strong acid background that gives it a strong “lemon-lime” flavour.

Because they are difficult to group (and many of them don’t belong in heirlooms), I haven’t included plum and paste tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes taste sweet while the paste tomatoes have a higher acidity and are more meaty. Meanwhile, the plum tomatoes are mild and juicy.

The flavour profiles of each variety may be subjective and can vary depending on the growing conditions (heat/water, fertiliser type, rate, number of days, etc.).

  • Relationships of Colour and Flavour
  • Pink Heirloom Black Beauty Tomato

Large pink tomatoes are a great example of what we consider a classic tomato flavour. They have a balanced amount of acidity and sweetness. The Brandywine is one of the most popular (but not necessarily the best-tasting) pink heirloom tomatoes. Brandywine is the most well-known of the pink heirloom tomatoes. It’s a large, easy-to-slice tomato that has the best tomato flavor.

  • Brandywine — A sweet, black beauty tomato with a noticeable acidity. This gives it a rich, delicious, and old-fashioned, home-grown tomato flavour. It can be either low-sugar or low-acid depending on the growing conditions.
  • Mortgage Lifter — This pink-fleshed beefsteak is well-known for its mild sweetness and meaty texture. It can weigh in at 2 pounds.
  • Caspian pink — has a similar flavour profile as Brandywine and is often compared to Brandywine when taste testing is done. It is also earlier than Brandywine.
  • Prudens Purple — Another early Brandywine variety. It is sweet, juicy, and meaty. They are great in areas with short seasons.