How to make “Pangea Gecko Food”

Pangea Gecko Food diets make it easy to feed popular species of pet geckos such as crested geckos or gargoyle geckos. The diets are a dry powder mixture that can be added to water. However, there are some things you should know.

Pangea’s Watermelon Mango and Apricot formulas should be mixed in a closer ratio to 1:2. This is 1 part dry mix to 2 portions water. Other diets, such as the Growth & Breeding Formula and Pangea Gecko Diet with Insects, tend to thicken slightly over time. These diets require more water. I’ve found that 1:2.5 to 1:3 is the best ratio. This works well for a wide range of geckos at different life stages.

Are you a picky eater Pangea Gecko Food

You can give the same pangea food to picky geckos, but in different amounts. This will allow you to see if they prefer it. Start by making a commitment of 1-2 weeks for each change. Begin with the recommended diet. If your gecko is not interested in eating, you can try thickening the food for 1-2 week. You can offer fresh pangea gecko food every day and watch how much they eat the next morning. Then, switch to a different flavor.

Which Types of Water Are Best?

The quality of water is a major concern for all living things. Mineral deficiencies can occur in reptiles that are kept in captivity. However, this is dependent on how well they are cared for. Minerals will be found in water sources such as tap water or spring water. The quality of tap water varies depending upon where you live. However, it is generally safe for crested geckos. It is a good idea to condition tap water to remove chlorine or chloramines. Many municipalities in the US, Canada and other countries use large amounts of water treatment to treat their water supply. Distilled water is an alternative option, as it is almost entirely devoid of minerals. This may be confusing to some reptile and amphibian lovers. Because amphibians have sensitive skin, distilled water is not recommended for their use.

Methods For Mixing Crested Pangea Gecko Food Diets

There are several ways to mix crested gecko food. They all work well. It might be difficult to get the powder to blend without clumps of dry mixture floating to the top if you are just starting to prepare Pangea. These diets can be mixed easily due to the fact that some Pangea Gecko Food ingredients may require extra stirring or shaking in order to properly mix.