How to start a “Crave Food Truck” Business?

The street food revolution has seen a significant part of the crave food truck revolution. Although once crave food trucks were limited to cheap burgers and chips, there has been a rapid increase in the number and quality of food trucks that cater to this market.

Crave food truck are one of the most popular trends in modern cuisine, as we discuss in our Street Food Trends article. This is due to the fact that it is a low-cost way for budding entrepreneurs to enter the hospitality industry.

You might find the noodles, tapas, or curries at farmer’s markets or music festivals prepared by a visionary chef.

Le Cordon Bleu alumni were instrumental in the establishment of many successful mobile food businesses like Growlers or Fleur.

Crave Food truck require a fraction the overhead cost of opening a restaurant. They are flexible and can be moved around. It is very flexible and can be expanded by the owner to add more trucks or open a new restaurant.

The process of running a craving food truck is different from opening a restaurant. There are many things to consider, including branding and regulatory laws. These are the steps you need to follow if your dream is to open your first crave food truck.

Work for your Vision Crave Food Truck

Before you begin your business journey, make sure you take the time to think about the type of place you would like to be. This should be an enjoyable, creative experience. There is no risk, no money exchanged, and no deadlines. There are only ideas. So, consider…

  1. Food and Philosophy

What food makes you swoon? What kind of experience would you like to share with people who come to your window? What are you most passionate about? This could mean that you make this meal many times.

  1. The Name Crave Food Truck

You should think of something that is catchy and, ideally, that gives an indication of the type of food you are serving. You might use one word to describe the origin of the food (“namaste,” “aloha”, etc); your forename/surname if you are the brand; or something that describes the food/experience (“My Meat Wagon”, or “Crave”); or even a pun (“Burger She Wrote” and “Guac and Roll” are real trucks).

We recommend against giving names that are too long and complicated as someone will eventually have to paint it on your vehicle. You might want to make it a restaurant. Have fun brainstorming with friends.

  1. Branding and Image Crave Food Truck

Also, this is a time to think about what the craving food truck’s image should say. Are you looking for something fun or high-end? Is it playful or macho? Is there a philosophy behind it? What color will it be? Is it Instagram-friendly? Take a look online to find the best craved food trucks.