Angel Food Bakery: Cake Mistakes Everyone Makes

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Substituting Ingredients angel food bakery

Angel food bakery cakes don’t need many ingredients. The exact recipe is required to achieve the perfect texture and flavor. This means you can’t swap out whole wheat flour for cake flour, or reduce the number of eggs.

Use Cold Eggs 

60 degrees is the ideal egg temperature to bake angel food cake. Too cold eggs won’t whip well so make sure to take 12 eggs out of the fridge about an hour before you start baking.

It is not possible to whip the egg whites correctly

An angel food bakery cake is without yeast as a leavening agent. The egg whites are what makes the angel food bake cakes rise. Whip the egg whites until they form soft peaks. Too much whipping will cause the cake to become dense and chewy. (No good!)

Mixing the Batter

It’s tempting to stir the dry ingredients into the egg whites the same way as you would for any other cake batter. Instead, use a rubber spatula to gently turn the mixture with a rubber spatula.

Greasing the Pan

It sounds crazy but it is true! The  cake must be able to stick to the sides of its pan in order to rise properly. The batter won’t rise if the pan has been greased.

You can’t use a special angel food bakery cake pan

You need the right mold to make cakes. This cake will not be as airy if it is baked in a regular cake pan or Bundt pan.

Open the Oven angel food bakery

This is a common mistake. It’s important to keep an eye on your cake by opening the oven door every few minutes. However, temperature changes can lead to uneven or even complete collapse of your cake. You can make this chocolate angel cake by using the oven light if you feel tempted to peek.

Cooling the cake right-side up angel food bakery

This is a must. Each  cake must be cooled upside-down in the pan. Why? The cake’s spongy structure won’t set until it has cooled completely. It can be flipped upside down to ensure it doesn’t fall during this process.

Some angel food pans come with feet that allow you to flip the pan and cool it. You can also use a non-foolery pan to cover the neck of a glass.