Everything you need to know about “Miche Beauty”

Michelle Ballard founded Miche Beauty, a natural hair care company in 2016. The brand is based on simple, handcrafted beauty and was created in 2016. Miche Beauty was first discovered by me on Instagram’s explore page. Although I had been following the brand on Instagram, I hadn’t made the decision to actually buy the products. When I first discovered Miche, I was a college student in debt. I couldn’t afford $18 for one product and had to read a few reviews before I bought anything. I’m now in a better financial position and was finally able to try the product that had been getting so much attention on my TL.


The smell was my first impression of these products. These products do have a strong, candy-like fragrance that I didn’t mind. However, it may bother some people who are sensitive to scents. I like that the shampoo doesn’t strip my hair, which is always a plus. This shampoo did not work well on my hair, but that is not the purpose of shampoos. The Protein deep conditioner and Moisturising have excellent slip. They penetrate my hair quickly without the need to heat. The most used product, aside from shampoo, is the Leave-in Conditioner. This leave-in conditioner is extremely moisturising and has a slip that I love. I wasn’t impressed by the Hydrating and Twisting Butter. It was a wash-n-go product that I tried first. The product was very moisturising, but it did not hold well.

Miche Beauty is a brand I love and the products I’ve used have exceeded my expectations. The price for the product can be high. If you have very short hair or fine hair, a little goes a long way. But if you have extremely thick hair, this product may not last you very long. I find the ingredients and the fact that the company is Black Owned worth the cost to be worthwhile. But I’m willing to spend a bit more for a little luxury.

I will tell you about the LAVISH Conditioner and the STRENGTHEN Protein/Moisture Balance deep conditioner if you’re on a tight budget. I love a good moisturiser, and I have very porous hair. Deep conditioner is a protein moisture balanced so it might be more beneficial as protein is an important component of our hair structure.

A bundle set is a great way to try Miche Beauty. If you want to combine products from different lines, this could be a great way to learn about her latest style & define collection.