Beauty and Beast Quotes

The Beauty and beast quotes share the same thought about love. Belle is loved for her kindness and gentleness, not her beauty. Although he is slower to take up, the Beast arrives on time and ensures that he receives her warmth once the last flower petals have fallen.

There’s more to this than just sentimental love. There is also familial love. Belle and her father are deeply committed to each other, and she often exchanges places with him at Chateau de Creepy for beauty and beast quotes.

The story shows that love can come in many forms. However, it is always delightful, even when it involves a clock saving a candelabra. Let’s now read the summary.

The Beauty and Beast Quotes

  • “I want adventure in some great place!” It is something I long for more than I can express.” -Belle
  • “Bring it with you so that you can always look back…and remember me.” -Beast
  • “Can anyone be happy if they don’t have freedom?” -Belle
  • “I am a prince,” -Liz Braswell
  • “A fierce growl brought my attention to the back room, where a large hairy beast was wearing a yellow ball gown. “I tried to forget about Beauty in that gown earlier this evening.
  • Belle discovered that she could look back. And not blush. “And not have to look away.” –Liz Braswell
  • “The master is not as horrible as he seems!” – Mrs. Pott
  • “Think about the one thing you have always wanted. Find it in your mind’s eyes and feel it in you heart.
  • “I will flee. I promise.” – Belle
  • “Please… Don’t Leave Me” “I love you,” -Belle
  • “New and alarming. This is something I would never have guessed. He’s not Prince Charming, but there’s something about him that I didn’t see.” Belle
  • “I want more than this provincial lifestyle.” -Belle
  • “Try the grey stuff! It’s delicious!” Do you doubt my claims? Ask for the recipes!” -Lumiere
  • “As you have heard, there is no reason to believe me and an excellent reason not.” -Robin McKinley
  • “For the longest period after the curse fell I didn’t know if I was either a beast that dreamed of becoming a man or a beast who thought he was one.” -Leife Shallcross
  • “You are the wildest and most beautiful thing I have ever seen!” Nobody deserves you…” -Gatson
  • “She warned him to not be deceived. Beauty is within.” -Rosalind
  • “As the years went by, he became depressed and lost all hope. “For who could ever learn how to love a beast?”
  • Charming knickknacks also show love and support one another in the great battle. The flashback to the story will be revealed if you read the Beauty and Beast quotes.