Top 10 Tips to Hire an Immigration Attorney

Top 10 Tips to Hire an Immigration Attorney

Did you know neglect is the most frequent complaint against Texas attorneys, and it’s also the top reason Texas State Bar of Texas has disciplined lawyers? It is true that most immigration cases take between several months and several years to complete. You need an attorney who is available to you whenever you need them.

Here are 10 things to consider when you hire an immigration attorney.

1 Beware of limited availability attorneys – Make a note of how long it takes for the attorney to return your calls and/or emails. You can reach Attorney David Nguyen at the Law Office, David Nguyen, via phone, email and Skype.

2. Be cautious when hiring a general physician – It is a common saying that “Jack of all trades makes master of none.” You should seek out an attorney who can handle all legal matters (i.e. Personal Injury, Criminal, Family, Immigration, Consumer,

Landlord/Tenant, etc. Be careful. For attorneys that deal with all types of legal matters, it may be difficult to keep up to date on changes in immigration laws.

3) Avoid attorneys who do not offer a fixed fee. Before you hire an lawyer, get a clear idea or estimate of the legal fees. Some attorneys will charge you a low initial fee but then find reasons to increase the cost of additional services. Experiential attorneys will be able to provide you with an accurate list of the expected costs. You can expect clear estimates and fees for both government filing fees, as well as legal fees from the Law Office David Nguyen.

4 – Ask your attorney if you will be granted free access. Some law offices charge clients to access their case file.

The Law Office of David Nguyen PC, unlike other firms, automatically provides all of their clients with a scanned copy of every document sent to or received from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, (USCIS).

5) Do not hire attorneys without an online presence You should look at the website of an attorney and review client feedback before hiring them. Avoid attorneys who have been in practice for a while but don’t have a website or client reviews.

6 Be concerned if you don’t get a legal agreement. Before you hire an lawyer, make sure you sign a legal agreement. An agreement will protect you against an attorney who makes promises but fails to deliver. An agreement will also help you ensure that your attorney understands what services are required and what fees you pay.

7) Avoid empty promises and guarantees – A lawyer who says your case is straightforward and easy may not be as experienced as you think. An experienced immigration attorney will be able anticipate potential problems that may arise during the process. We at the Law Office David Nguyen PC do not make promises or guarantee any immigration benefits. They are discretionary and will depend on each case.

8) Avoid hiring an attorney who charges very low fees – When you hire an lawyer, you need to be cautious about an attorney who charges a low fee. It is important to ask the attorney about the cost of the fees. Is the fee for assistance in filing the initial application only? Or does it include follow-up appointments and assistance with Requests for Additional Evidence, RFEs, and other ancillary matters? Expert immigration attorneys will charge reasonable fees for the work involved in an immigration case.

9) Ask the attorney about his or her availability during office hours. A limited number of hours per week will affect your ability to get adequate legal representation. The Law Offices of David Nguyen and PC are generally open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 6. PM, except on Saturdays.

10) Choose an attorney who can communicate effectively – Most cases involving immigration take months or even years to resolve. You should feel at ease talking with an attorney.

How an Immigration Lawyer can help you and/or your family

An experienced immigration lawyer is essential if you or a loved one are seeking asylum in America. An immigration lawyer can assist you in navigating the complicated legal process and protecting your rights.

An immigration lawyer assists individuals with their immigration process. This includes helping clients fill out paperwork, prepare for interviews, and representing them in court. An immigration lawyer can help you understand the laws surrounding immigration, and give guidance about your options.

There are several types of immigration attorneys, each with their own areas of expertise. Some immigration attorneys specialize in business immigration. This includes helping companies sponsor foreign workers or obtain visas. Others are focused on family immigration, which helps people reunite their loved ones. Some immigration lawyers specialize in refugee/asylum law and work with those who have fled persecution or violence.

Many asylum seekers face language barriers, inability to understand U.S. law and fear of being returned to their home country. These challenges can be overcome by an immigration lawyer to give you the best chance of succeeding in your asylum application. An immigration lawyer can assist you in all aspects of your case from the initial application through to interviews with government officials. You can get advice from them on how to prepare and what to expect throughout the asylum process.

A lawyer who specializes in immigration can help you to fight deportation and get a temporary halt to your removal. They can help you understand the U.S. laws and assist you in preparing a strong defense against being deported.

It is important to find an experienced and reputable immigration lawyer when you’re looking. You want to be able to trust the lawyer you hire to handle your case. There are many different types of immigration attorneys depending on their practice area. There are different types of immigration lawyers depending on the area they practice. For example, there is an employment-based and family immigration lawyer. Each type has its own expertise so it is important you choose a lawyer that specializes in your case.

They will be asking you questions and collecting information about your case during your consultation with an immigration attorney. After reviewing your case, they will give you their professional opinion regarding the best course. After the consultation, you will be able to decide if you wish to hire a legal professional.