Nichols Plumbing: Tricks & Insider

This guide contains Nichols Plumbing tips and tricks that can help you save money and give you peace of mind when it comes to your next repair.

Since the 1970’s, we have seen many things in our business. We’ve been in the business since the 70’s and have learned a lot. We want you to enjoy your home and its inner workings.

Common Problems With Sinks and Faucets

Sinks and faucets are two of the most commonly used fixtures in any home. These are our top tips for keeping your sink and faucets in great condition.

Regularly check for leaks. You can save money by repairing a leaky faucet sooner than you realize. You should take a look at the sink attached to the vanity. Make sure you inspect the gaskets. If you feel any water, it is important to fix it immediately. Water damage can quickly set in. If you find a leak, it’s important to fix it immediately. This will save you money and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Every couple of months, clean your faucet aerators. Aerators are small metal filters that fit into the faucet openings. This is an easy maintenance tip that can save you money. You can remove the metal housing and clean it of any debris. Then screw it back on.

Check the overflow holes in your Nichols Plumbing tubs and sinks. You can also check the overflow holes in your tubs and sinks every few months. Sometimes, unexpected objects can get caught in the bowls and block water flow. This could lead to serious problems and even a bill. You should be safe and make sure you check every few months.

Water heater maintenance Nichols Plumbing 

First, don’t touch the water heater until the electricity has been completely switched off at the breaker. If not taken care of, water heaters can be dangerous.

Water heater safety is not a joke. If you’re not sure, give us a call immediately. We will perform routine maintenance, repairs, or maintenance. It is better to be safe than sorry.

We are now all on the same page, and we understand how important it is to be careful when maintaining your water heater. Our first tip: drain your water tank completely every three to four months.

Water sediment can build up over time in your tank, reducing its lifespan and efficiency. You can eliminate the problem by draining the water from your tank every 90 to 120 days.