Marketing Law Firms: Top Tips for Market Your Firm

Marketing for law firms are aware of the importance of having a strong pipeline of referrals and new clients to keep up with fierce competition. They may be competing nationally now that digital technology has broken down geographic barriers. A third of professionals in SMEs believe that larger players will pose a threat to their business over the next five-years.

Answer common questions via your blog

Consider the common questions clients ask and how you can use them to create content. Clients will find you when they search for the same question on Google by reading a series of blogs. This will help you rank higher in your field of expertise. Use language your clients understand, and not legal jargon. As you provide them with useful information, this builds trust.

Be the expert you trust

When they require expert opinions for a story, journalists often turn to legal professionals. Instead of waiting for a reporter to contact you, take the initiative and look for opportunities. Many journalists post calls on Twitter with the hashtag #journorequest. This may result in coverage in the national or regional press. You should always respond quickly and carefully in order to meet the deadline. Keep in touch with your journalist to become their first point-of-contact for any future contributions.

Social media is a great way to build your brand

Social media can be a quick and efficient way to increase your online presence and connect with potential clients. LinkedIn and Twitter are the most popular in the legal profession. Don’t limit yourself to posting. Follow clients and potential clients to find relevant journalists. You can actively like and respond to these users by retweeting or making insightful comments. These channels are not for legal advice. However, you can offer your opinion.

Your success deserves your praise

Case studies are stories of clients’ journeys with you through the legal process. They can be anonymously done to protect client confidentiality. Potential clients can see your past work and be more inclined to call you if they have similar legal needs.

Start building relationships

Google ranking is dependent on links back to your site appearing on other websites. If you have the opportunity to comment on a publication’s article, do not hesitate to ask them for a link. They might not always be able to do this or charge extra. You can also secure links from non-media sites such as university listings, professional associations, or professional organizations relevant to your field. There are many opportunities to contribute guest content and have high domain authority. If you are able and comfortable, consider contributing to industry events. Although you may not be able to speak directly with potential clients, this will help your online presence and increase your profile as a law firm.

Everyone’s talking about pop culture

Although it may seem trivial, being able comment on legal programs such as The Good Wife and Suits can be a great way to be noticed. This can be done by looking at the representation of law in pop culture and linking everyday life to it. Commenting on news could be done with a hypothetical viewpoint. What would you think about the Wikipedia scandal? Or what do you think of Kim Kardashian’s decision to go into criminal law. You can share your thoughts via blogs, social media, or comments in articles to make yourself relevant and interesting. This will help you get noticed.

You can try different formats and content types

Although articles and blogs are great, they should not be ignored. However, people consume content in different ways. While some people enjoy reading blogs, others may prefer podcasts or short videos. Video introductions to your firm and the services it offers could be a valuable resource for clients. They also allow fee earners to be visible to clients and add a personal touch to marketing.