Labor Laws to Protect the Rights of Workers

Following are some labor laws that are applicable in Texas.

1. Laws related to Child Labor
This law states that it is not legal to give employment to a child who is less than14 years of age. These laws are laid down to ensure that the children are not employed in any business or occupation. This law ensures the health and safety of the children. This law states that any child whose age is less than 14 or 15 years will not work more than 48 hours in a week or 8 hours in a day. This law also states that no child shall be employed in mining, manufacturing or processing business.

2. Laws Related To Minimum Wages
Under this act any employee must be given a minimum wage at the rate of $5.15 per hour.

3. Labor Laws At Work Place
According to this law the employer will have to circulate several posters at the work place. The posters must be accurate and updated. Poster must have information in context to minimum wages, employment insurance, health and safety protection and the notices of worker right.

4. Laws Related To discrimination
These laws ensure that there should be no discrimination on the basis of nationality, caste, age, religion, caste and creed. In case the employer is found guilty then he will have to face the law.

5. Laws Related To References
The prior employer is free to provide any sort of non-confidential information about the previous worker. In case an employer is found guilty then he is liable for chastisement.

6. Laws Related To Employees Hand Book.
This law states that there should be an employee’s handbook that should contain complete record of the owner’s procedures and policies.

7. Laws Related To Work Place safety
According to this law it is the responsibility of the employer to provide a decent and better working condition for his employees. There should not be any type of compromise with the standards, rules and regulations. In case the employer is not providing proper working condition then he is answerable to the employees.