Expert Tips for Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Your safety, your passengers’ safety and the condition of your car are the only things on your mind. Insurance issues, impaired drivers, corporate vehicles, and other factors can make a minor wreck a huge hassle that will require lengthy litigation. A hire Houston Car Accident Lawyers may be necessary if you feel that another driver or party is wronging you after a wreck. These lawyers have the expertise to help you recover any monetary loss from an auto accident and to reimburse you for any medical expenses.

Get a free consultation to find the right attorney

Consultations are usually free for most auto collision lawyers. If you don’t need immediate legal advice, it is worth meeting with multiple auto accident lawyers to find one that you feel comfortable with. You will likely be in contact with this individual and their office staff for many months as your case progresses. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have a professional, prompt and caring auto accident attorney.

Discuss Up-Front and Out-of-Pocket Fees

If the case is not won, many personal injury lawyers do not charge fees. Although some lawyers will require that you make a payment prior to the case being opened, most attorneys will be able to handle your case without any out-of-pocket expenses. Your attorney will collect a portion of any settlement you receive as a result of your case in an auto accident.

Request a Service Contract

Ask your collision lawyer about the cost of his or her fees if you win. Personal injury lawyers will typically retain a percentage of the settlement. Before you hire an attorney, make sure you know this percentage. Request a service agreement that clearly states this percentage. Keep a copy of the contract for your records.

All information about car accidents should be brought to your initial visit

All information regarding the wreck should be given to your car accident lawyer. Bring your car insurance policy, your medical insurance policy and any hospital bills or medical records that were created from the accident. Also, take photos of the wrecked vehicle, the police report, as well as any contact information from other people. This information will allow your attorney to quickly build your case and get you your benefits quicker.

The Settlement will take time

Don’t expect a quick settlement. It could take several months, or even years to receive compensation depending on how your accident happened. Your attorney should communicate with you throughout the process. However, it is important to understand that you will need to take someone to court if a wreck occurs.

Be communicative, available and professional

Do your part. You are not the only member of the team. Keep all appointments for meetings with your lawyer. Keep all documents organized. Answer any phone calls or letters from your attorney’s office. Follow your personal injury lawyer’s instructions and appear presentable. Respect the judge.


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