Five Tips to Find a Family Lawyer

These are five tips to help you find the right abogados viña del mar for you.

#1: Get the right recommendations from the right people

While most people will recommend a lawyer, there are many types of lawyers. You don’t need to ask someone for a recommendation if you’re not looking for a personal lawyer. Ask your family and friends if they have worked with someone who was happy with the lawyer they used in a family law matter. Ask your friends and family if they know of any family lawyers who have been a pleasure to work with, whether it was on the purchase of property, or the drafting a will.

#2: Start with the end in your mind

Asking your family and friends for recommendations on a lawyer will likely result in a lot of unrequested advice regarding your legal situation. Think about what you want for your situation. If you are seeking to have things remain amicable in a divorce or separation, you won’t want a lawyer with a bad reputation. A family lawyer may be able to help you explore options such as a do it yourself agreement, collaborative family law or mediation.

#3: Shop online

After you have compiled a list of recommendations that reflect your desired outcome, it is time to go through each lawyer’s website and get an idea of their experience, approach, and services. You can get a better idea of whether a lawyer is someone you want to work with by reading their blog articles, frequently asked queries and social media posts.

#4: Face time is a must

You will be making important decisions that could have a major impact on your life. It is crucial to feel comfortable talking openly with the person you are choosing. Interviews with at least three candidates are the best way to gauge this.

#5: Ask the right question

Prepare for your research consultations by spending some time. Prepare a brief summary of your situation to share with the lawyer. Also, have a list or questions ready to guide the conversation and ensure that you get the information you need. It is acceptable to inquire about the fee structure of the lawyer, whether they will be working directly with you or through an associate and what their initial thoughts are on the best legal approach for your situation. Many employers in Niagara offer free phone consultations to their employees as part of their benefits programs. This service is available to help you determine the right questions to ask and to have a lawyer assist you in drafting a list.