Doug’s Plumbing: Tips to Avoid Leaks

Learn the top Doug’s plumbing tips to prevent leaks

Although plumbing leaks are quite common, many can be avoided. It doesn’t take a lot of stress to stop a leaky pipe or a high water bill. You can dramatically reduce the likelihood of your plumbing system leaking by taking a few simple preventative steps. It will save you money and minimise the unpleasant surprises that can occur from a plumbing emergency. Sounds like a win-win!. Doug’s Plumbing is available in Thibodaux to help you with. everything!

Aim For Gentler Water Pressure

Your water pressure is too high if it’s leaking out of the faucets and showerhead. Over time, this can cause pipe damage. The water could eventually burst through your pipes, causing a major leak.

Lower your water pressure to prevent this. A hose bib gauge, which you can buy at your local hardware shop, can be used to measure pressure. Is your psi higher than 85? You might need a plumber to install the pressure regulator.

React to Signs of Hard Water

Here are some signs that you might have hard water or water high in calcium, magnesium, and other minerals.

Scale buildup around water fixtures

Clean dishes can have water spots

Soap doesn’t lather well.

Appliances that fail early.

These are not the only reasons hard water is bad. Your pipes are also at risk from hard water. The reason is that minerals build up in pipes and increase water pressure. We have already mentioned that water pressure above 85 psi can be dangerous. This problem can be solved with a pressure regulator. A water softener is a better option.

Make a Plan for Freezing Weather

Although there aren’t many cold temperatures down here, they can cause serious damage to your plumbing. Water freezes and expands creating pressure, which eventually causes pipes and valves to burst and pipes to crack. You may have heard of leaving your tap running, but did you know that this can be beneficial to you? Because moving water is less likely than freezing, it works.

Learn What to Flush

Toilet paper and waste are the only things you can flush. You are putting your plumbing system in danger if you flush anything other than toilet paper and waste. Be careful before you flush. These substances should be avoided to keep Doug’s Plumbing happy.

Doug’s Plumbing will replace your old units

Don’t hesitate to replace your old toilet with a brand new one. We are here to assist you. We make the entire process simple. We can help you finance a new unit or find a replacement unit if you need it.