Dermasuction Reviews

My roommate and I first bought this pore-extraction device from Target. It was courtesy of the section “As Seen On TV”. This little gadget is not Dermasuction Reviews new to me. You can read my reviews here, here, and here.

My skin is very damaged from last year’s winter and the terrible start of 2019, which included losing my job, taking seven-hour depression naps and forgetting what food and how to shower. Even worse, my skin is clogged up.

After watching the demonstrations and reading a few reviews about dermasuction, I decided to give it a shot.

You must start with clean skin. So I used my favorite cleanser, The Creme Shop. The product is easy to use and leaves your skin feeling clean.

The next step, which is very important, was to apply a warm, damp cloth to my face. This will steam open my pores, soften any gunk, and help remove it. This is the step most people skip in dermasuction reviews. I find it makes a huge difference.

I used the large head attachment to sweep my face across my forehead and cheeks. It is important to keep the device in motion, not using back-and-forth motions or halting for more than two seconds in any one area. Your skin may bruise.

The small attachment was used around my nose, mouth and ears. Because I was afraid of high suction, I kept the setting at low suction. However, I didn’t notice any gunk around the attachment.

After vacuuming my entire face, it took me a while to master the angle and ensure that I had good suction. I then removed the attachment from the machine and rinsed it off with hot water. The filter was the little sponge underneath. It’s the one that catches the most small debris. I removed it and washed it with soapy water. It had a lot …. of tiny black spots. My skin became red afterwards. This is normal for most Dermasuction Reviews treatments, so I was not concerned. I felt as good after applying hydrating serums to my skin and applying a sheet mask.