Chicago Personal Injury Law

Personal injury laws offer victims of negligence or criminal action relief from having to deal with the financial and emotional inconveniences that arise as a result of serious injury. Many personal injury law firms deal predominantly with injuries that result in a long-term recovery or permanent disability. In most states, personal injury law cases necessitate the claimant to establish that he or she has experienced damages and that the defendant was undoubtedly accountable for those injuries. A few states authorize settlements to include compensation for pain and suffering in addition to medical bills and lost wages.

Torts are mistakes acknowledged by law as grounds for initiating a lawsuit seeking right for damages. Unlike criminal actions brought by the state, tort lawsuits are on average brought about by an individual, group, or class of individuals who think that the defendant caused them injury due to negligence or criminal action. Tort law exists in order to bestow some sort of assistance on the injured party and to discourage other persons or companies from doing similar damage.

One type of relief given to injured parties is the coverage of all medical bills resulting from the injury. Another is restoring lost wages and ensuring provision for lost earning capacity. In many cases, an award or settlement under personal injury laws consists of both present and probable future losses. Some states also make allowances for pain and suffering and awards in these cases can sometimes result in million dollar settlements for the injured party or multimillion dollar settlements in class action lawsuits.

Some personal injuries are the consequence of criminal actions. These can consist of an injury sustained during a bank robbery or other criminal act. Assault and battery can also be grounds for a tort lawsuit. There are also types of torts including intentional, negligent, and strict liability. A criminal conviction can result in a tort lawsuit, and a tort lawsuit can result in a criminal case.


How do you know when to hire the services of a personal injury lawyer?

You may find when trying to handle a personal injury case as such that there are many complex legal issues regarding tort law. These are often difficult to comprehend if one is not properly trained in understanding the legal system. It can be a huge weight off one’s shoulders to have a lawyer present to decipher and organize all of this information into a legitimate case. Also, properly trained legal counsel can assist in finding all the necessary documents and proof required to support your argument. There are other important aspects which require the expertise of a quality attorney to represent your case. These include damages such as serious long term or permanent disabilities or disfigurements, severe injuries, medical malpractice cases, exposure to toxic chemicals or elements, or the denial of an insurance company to pay for what is perceived as a covered expense.